Thursday, April 5, 2012

Favorites From My Past

My latest sessions have requested that their photos not be posted on the internet for personal reasons. I absolutely honor their decision, but am just bursting to post some pix!
Here are some of my favs, taken during August 2010.  The first set are from the U.S. Naval Academy, Parent'-Plebe Weekend and the second are from a wonderful camping trip up in the high desert.  

First -

As I was waiting to be reunited with my sailor, I took photos of other families being reunited with theirs!
I have several shots of this mom and her Plebe, this one is my favorite.
I see the relief in her eyes, the pure joy of holding her child in her arms again, the silent
thank you to God for keeping him safe.
I know, because these were the same emotions I felt when I got my arms around my boy.

Side of Bancroft Hall

My sailor 


2nd -

County Fair 2010
I love this little spider-man!

Watermelon-eating contest

This was taken in a remote campsite off Success Loop

Pretty flower

Mr. B 

Success Loop

The Middle Child

This was taken in 2009 in Wisconsin at the EAA Air Show.